"I've been working out forever... but now that I'm pregnant I have no idea what's safe or best for my body."

Almost all of my clients have expressed this concern at some point. 

Whether you've been an athlete your entire life, or bar hopping is your favorite form of cardio, Pregnancy Fitness can be intimidating and really confusing.

Most of the information floating around on the internet is outdated, extremely conservative, unsafe, or just plain misleading. I've been coaching pregnant women for almost 12 years now, and I can't tell you how disappointed I was with what I came across when I became pregnant myself. (Even the advice from my OB/GYN!)

I decided to write this E-book with the hopes to educate and empower Moms-to-be throughout each stage of pregnancy. 

You'll learn:

  •  The Basics of What is Safe and What is Not
  •  How to Modify Your Current Exercise Routine 
  •  Everything You Need to Know if You're Just Starting Out
  • Tips and Tricks Designed for the Demands of All Three Trimesters

Staying in shape during your Pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the health of your baby. It has been proven time and again that women who exercise while pregnant experience less discomfort, faster labors, and heal from birth better than those who don't. 

I'm here to help you develop the confidence and skills you need for a healthy, safe, and fit pregnancy.